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Facebook has many uses, you can use it for your personal life. For example, you can upload all your pictures and videos of your unforgettable adventures with your friends, family members and colleagues and share them with people who are near and dear to you. Furthermore, let’s assume that you are a social media influencer. You can buy Facebook accounts from Goldpva.com at cheap rates. In that case, you can use Facebook to spread the word about the cause you are advocating for, such as a fit body, a healthy lifestyle, fashion trends to follow, and many other valuable things. Finally, if you are a new entrepreneur and want your potential customers around the world to know about your product or service without any problems, did you know that you can buy Facebook accounts to achieve your goal? Indeed, many new and seasoned marketers are buying Facebook accounts for their marketing campaigns today.



Buy Facebook ID verified accounts


Nowadays Facebook has updated and you can’t run ads and marketplaces unless you have ID verified Facebook accounts. But getting ID verified accounts is too difficult. But in our store you can buy ID verified Facebook old accounts. And ID verified accounts help you run ads effectively without any hassle. Also the old ID verified FB accounts come with the same ID we used to verify and if there in case you want to send the ID you can send it.


Our accounts with a verified ID mean they are ad-renewed profiles because the ID was submitted when it wasn’t appearing in ads. But we still haven’t used them.


Facebook Marketplace


Facebook has its e-commerce platform like ebay and amazon where you can easily sell and buy products in your area and around the world. It provides e-commerce tools that allow you to sell your products, called marketplace accounts. Facebook does not allow having marketplace tools to new accounts for the sake of new ones. So if you want to access a marketplace account, you must have old accounts. This is why people buy Facebook Marketplace accounts.



Buy Facebook old accounts

As already defined, they are pretty much old, Facebook accounts for advertising purposes. We all know that you can’t run Facebook ads or access Facebook ads manager in new account. And you keep trying, your account may be blocked or disabled or may ask for ID verification because Facebook doesn’t allow access to FB ads manager on new accounts. So you should have very old and old accounts. So we offer buy old facebook accounts and buy old fb accounts to help you access ads easily.



We offer almost old and old Facebook accounts with or without ID for purchase. We have 1 day old accounts to 10+ years old Facebook accounts to run ads. Every Facebook profile will come with a 2FA code with an authenticating app. You can check our products and buy old Facebook accounts.



Buy Facebook Ads accounts


You can run paid ads to get your target audience to your website and business. In the FB ads accounts, you need to add a payment method and select a campaign type. It has many options like Traffic Ads, Post Engagement, Conversion, Form Fill, App Download and many more options. You can also target your audience using mobile, desktop and more. For ad manager, you would have an old account to buy Facebook ad accounts from us.



Buy Facebook new accounts


Facebook is one of the easiest ways to increase your followers following and improve your online presence by attracting business to your point. Then there is a list of benefits and perks that you can get in your business by buying Facebook new accounts. Facebook now connects with various business websites, which means you can link your business website with your business runner to get and get maximum traffic. All you need to do is buy Facebook new accounts and increase your followers.


We live in an age where life has become digital and the world has become a global villa. Whatever happens at that moment is transmitted to the whole world through the social network. People get benefits through these social networking platforms and thrive in their business through these places.



Buy Facebook accounts with real friends and become one of the successful traders. In such accounts, you do not have to manage the account yourself; rather, your friends are there to help youThe result is more chances to enjoy a great business.